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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Peplum top, sew stylish pattern

Ok part of this sewing project was due to the refashion I started with the white jeans
But then things didn't look right and then I scrapped the idea. Basically I was going to add the bottom flowered part of the peplum to the white jean top but it did not work. Then I added the skirt instead.

So I decided to finish the peplum with this stretch light denim flowered material I got at a massive Hancock sale this past January. It is an easy pattern and I finished it fast. You can't tell but it does have a collar. I spent so much time making it that collar I wasn't going to change it. Here is my new top!

Fits perfectly of course! :)

Just a recap on the pattern.
And the previous sad sack jean refashion

Cheers to finishing another sewing project (I'm trying my hardest to keep up!!)
Lauren :)


Sonja Sheffield said...

Turned out nice!!

Tracy H said...

Very pretty top

gMarie said...

that's a great top! I made a dress and a pencil skirt from that fabric - it's lovely! g

Sarah Liz said...

great top - love the floral with the stripe shorts too :)

Alexandra Audrey said...

Very pretty.


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