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Monday, June 16, 2014

Linen blazer refashion, #43

Alright I am beginning to get back into things, still have a long way to go. No iron craft this week either since things have been crazy. But back to some refashions, I finally got some pictures taken! Yay!

Thought this might fit as is, I got this on my trip to visit my family. But after a wash, it was a bit boxy and needed some shaping.

Taking it in was going to be a bit of a challenge and then I realized if I did then I would have fit issues with the sleeves. With my arms I would not have room to move my arms. So I needed to get creative. 

I realized elastic would be the answer. I added elastic to the back of the blazer and also down the arms.

Now I have my arm room and the blazer fits better! Sometimes it is just simple! 

Here's the recap! Great blazer for the springtime. Too bad it is summer! Maybe some cooler weather will be in my way. Who knows! 


1 comment:

Lovely Light said...

I really like the elastic on the waist! Such a simple solution, I'll have to remember it.


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