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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sew Liberated's Clara Dress

I finished my Clara dress! Yay!! Finally got my pictures too!
For more information on the pattern click here.
I got the polka dot fabric! Wahoo! I decided to participate in the sew a long.

The pattern comes with a free video to follow along and this helped a lot. Worth its weight in gold! This was my first ever button placket so I am proud at how this came out! The fit was right on target based on my measurements- though it was painful in the cutting process as there were a lot of lines...

Here is my Clara dress! The fabric is bright! Wow! (pssst can you see my bone bruise on my shin? It hurts!)

There are pockets in the dress, however I felt as if they were a bit low on skirt. 

I love the sleeves!!! I want to use this pattern piece for other projects! I love it that much!

Fun skirt!

Now with a belt! 

And the classic Lauren pose, which I didn't realize I do a lot. LOL. 

It is a easy sew but you have to know what you are doing. But the video does a really good job as even as a seasoned pattern reader, I did get confused at times. Video helped! I would probably do this pattern again but with a more neutral color. or a nice dark color. I would love a lightweight denim. It has a retro feel to it but I liked it. Super cute!


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