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Monday, June 2, 2014

Navy formal dress refashion #42

BTW, no iron craft this week. Too much going on personally, I just could not do a dollar store craft. :( My apologies!  Instead I am going to have a refashion today!

Remember these dresses? Gosh like back from the 90s? Slits and built in hips!

It is actually an Afred Angelo dress, so someone paid a pretty penny for it and then probably was in a wedding of some sort. I loved the lace portion of the dress and the back. And it fit well.

The slit reminded me of Jessica Rabbit. Like my socks with the dress?

This was going to be an easy refashion. I cut right at the slit. Hemmed the dress and the lining. I then took out those "built in hips"- which you can see in the bottom picture. I simply went straight down where the sew line originally winged out.

Done! Perfect for a party!

After taking the pics, I realized that the lining was not straight so I fixed it. Love this new lace dress! Here is the recap!

(almost 1/2 way there!!!!!)


jenny_o said...

Built-in hips - lol - that's the best description of those I've ever seen!

Love how you changed this and it looks beautiful on you.

I don't usually comment but read all your posts and enjoy your sense of humour and your ideas for refashions.

Marissa Nielsen said...

So simple and very cute!



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