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Monday, June 23, 2014

Butterfly chiffon top, refashion 45

This week is all about flowy blouses! All they are all very easy projects!!

First one is this cute butterfly top. Now I loved it but I had fit issues as it was too big and always fell off my shoulders.

I decided the best option would be to add a button hole. I used my button hole foot for my sewing machine. Set it on the widest possible setting, measured where I wanted the hole to be. I did this on both sides. Simply pushed my start button and away I went! I love my sewing machine! Then opened up the button hole with my seam ripper. Finally, I added a dash of seam sealer since the fabric was delicate. Done!
Now I can add a belt and keep my shirt on me. Though I wish I did a hair lower but it still works.

Yeah I was texting, I am a busy girl. LOL

The recap- an easy way to get a fitting on a big shirt!

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