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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Swirly top, refashion #46

Ok, here is my other refashion with a fun drapey top. This top started as....
Um..... Err... Towel? No..... Um... Hmmm. Technically it is not a table runner. It is some sort of decorative fabric panel. To me it says it used to decorate some surfer guys house on this wall. That is what my gut tells me. The fabric was nice, thin, drapey and I love the color blue. Time for me to turn it into a blouse.

I gave it a good iron and folded in half. I pinned the sides together and then marked my hip measurement plus 4 inches. Divided that number by 2. That was house much I needed to fit my body in. I marked with a disappearing pen. You can see the marks in the first picture with the black arrows. I sewed down the line, leaving plenty of room for the arms (I seriously don't remember- I just winged it). When I got to the bottom of the blouse, I left the last 1-2 inches un-sewn. Luckily I did not have to sew a hem or clean up the edges as it was already done. Yeah that made me really happy!

Unfortunately, for the neck hole I apparently only took a mental picture and not a physical one. So my apologies. But I did cut a hole, 4 inches deep and 5 inches wide- curving the line. I then finished that edge with blue bias tape. Again, a good iron and this top was ready to go! I love easy refashions!

The one side was more visually interesting to me so I chose that as the front. 

Here is the recap, I feel as if I saved this fabric from a surfer. I have no idea why. But easy top!


Tracy H said...

Top looks great. I wish I had your imagination to see such an interesting easy make from a piece of fabric

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Do you know what size the fabric was?

KL said...

Super cute!


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