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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2 button down tops, # 73 & 74

A tale of 2 button down tops... Both just needed a little bit of tailoring in order for a better fit. Neither needed something with the sleeves. I just needed to remove some of the boxiness.

First a white and grey flannel shirt.

And a nice striped work shirt.

Both of them I started to sew right at the armholes and brought it in. Each had about a good 3-4 inches at the waist.

Then to fix the uneven hem, I serged off the bottom of the shirts to make it even. Then fold up and sew. Ironing helped this a lot. Done!!

First the grey flannel shirt. OMG it is soo warm. 

Fit is nice. Just right. 

The recap!

Next, the button down for work. Again Just right.

The recap.

Wahoo, trying to pay catch up! Today was a 2 for 2! :) 


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