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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The big white crochet top, refashion #79

Today will not be a 2 for 1, I am almost all caught up so you will just have to settled with 1 refashion per post. Guess that isn't a bad thing!

First,behold... a white t-shirt. A white shirt that is a 2XL. But it has a cool crochet neckline.

Yeah.... hello! it is Big!!!! 

So I didn't take a picture, nor do I know what color I actually dyed it.... but I got like a periwinkle blue. Not too bad but I still need to do something with it!

I cut off the sleeves and decided to try and convert it to a halter top. The sleeves were on an angle so by following those lines I could create a halter top pretty fast. I made sure I didn't cut off the crochet from that part. The neckline was removed from the back of the top. After that, I needed to take it in on the sides.

What that essentially created was a back flap. I cut it off and left extra to create a casing. No matter what I did, to get a good fit without odd fit issues- I needed some elastic across the back. So cut, create casing, add elastic across back- secure in the side seams. Close casing. Done! 
To get the last part of the halter complete, I folded over the excess fabric and sewed down- I did it very slowly on my sewing machine. I cut the center of the old neckband- which was way too big and trimmed it down to a smaller size to fit my neck. To secure I opted for a snap.

Towards the end of finishing this garment, I realized that I didn't like the bottom band so I cut it off. I hemmed the top with a double needle- which I have no idea why I have not sewn knits with it more!!! It is fabulous! Love it!! My hems look great! Happy!

Here is my new top, which I won't be wearing anytime soon since it is fall and winter is coming!!

The back....

The recap!! You almost don't recognize the top!

omg- 20 more left! wow!

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