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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Too much cuff in the pants.... #s 75/76

Hey, so how about Two for Tuesday yesterday? Well since I am playing blog catch up, let's do it again! Here is another 2 more refashions! Since they are the same concept, it will be one post.

First pair.... too much cuff in the pants. These cuffs caught everything and made me almost trip. Not to mention lint traps. I needed to do something else about them.

I mean look at the size of that cuff!!! With very few tacks! They just sort of flapped in the breeze. Um no.

Undid the hem(s!!!) with a seam ripper- check how long they actually are! Next, I tapered in a little of the legs- both inside and outside leg seams.
I cut off the bottom portion and hemmed it. I even attempted to figure it out on my blind hem foot on my sewing machine. Yeah I have to still work that out. Brain hurts. LOL Ahhhh so much nicer.

Now I liked it so much, I repeated with another pair of grey pants. Too long to just right!!... These had a weird bell shape to them at the very bottom so I just let the thighs be... and the thighs needed to just be....

Now at least I have pants that are of less of a danger to myself and others. I can always use more pants, winter is coming! Here is the recap!


BTW 3/4 done


mollie.dirig said...

I have a pair of cords that are too long and flare out at the bottom. I really need to alter them but I'm too scared. What if I mess em up?? They're my favorite, even if the bottoms are sloppy. Any advice for a scared beginner?

La La Lauren!!! said...

Take it slow and try it on and see if it is what you want or if you need to take in more. What you don't see in this post was I was constantly sewing and trying on the pants, systematically taking them in. It was almost to the point that I stopped putting my pants on between fits. Then when things worked, I cut the excess fabric off. Always wait until the end. Then I hemmed. And if you want to do blind hem on your pants, practice a lot first and iron the heck out of the folds. I still have to master this technique. Right now, I got it to work but no master. Hope this helps!


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