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Monday, October 27, 2014

Ruffle Red Blouse, #80

I always need long sleeves, it just seems like the winters here last forever. Being that I am a Southern girl, my wardrobe is still shifting out of Southern mode. This top was a wonderful soft fabric and a fun pattern.But too big. I didn't care for the gold buttons.

AND!!!!! the neckline down the center had a small ruffle on it. It just didn't work with the busyness of the pattern. Couldn't close it without choking either. It had to go!! 

I carefully unpicked the seams with the ruffles and removed it. Then I sewed it back together.
I then pulled off the gold buttons and I had some purple buttons from another refashion (which has not posted b/c the dye project went bad) which I used to replace.

Then I took in the arms and sides. Which I discovered one of the gold buttons multiplied. Ack! Go away!!!
Done!!! This is much and improved!!!

Recap... the neckline has a bit of a henley sort of feel for the closure. The added bonus of a slimmer fit and I will get a lot of use out of this top!


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