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Monday, October 20, 2014

Blue Linen Skirt, refashion #72

Alright got off my lazy bum and decided to take some after pictures. Now I will say for many of these upcoming pictures, I didn't boether to do my hair. I have issues holding the brush for long periods of time, I sort of have to pick my battles. All good. At least I am getting things done!

Now first I grabbed this blue linen skirt. I actually despise linen as it is always wrinkled. Always wrinkled. To me- not worth the battle. I would be a hot mess before I even made it to work.

And on top of it it had a fake tie, buttons and pockets. Meh... The tie and buttons came off. As did the top of the pocket. After much thinking on this skirt, I need to cover them up.

Then while cleaning and sorting my craft room, I came across this old piece of  lace that I actually dyed back when I was in Alabama (more than 2 years) that came out an awesome purple color. I just didn't know what I was going to do with it. Ding! Cover up the linen skirt! So I sewed the top of the lace to the top of the skirt. This began to take in the skirt some.

Cut off the bottom of the skirt and made it a little less A-line by sewing inside. The hardest part was tackling the zipper. But I sewed it under at the zipper on each side. Snipped it end of the zipper. Sewed a seam. Squared away the bottom lace because it didn't perfectly line up. Hem the linen. Done!

 Now this is a linen skirt I would wear! 

I actually didn't know how to style this so I just added a white shirt. 

The back which looks horrible in the picture but I promise you doesn't look this bad. What did I do? 

Here's the recap! 

Ahh good to be back, even though I still stink with typing. 


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