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Thursday, October 23, 2014

blue sweater refashion + bonus, #77 & 78

Just a blue sweater. Plain, boring... blah blah blah
I think this was towards the end of the picture taking b/c I look delirious! This was a good time ago! This sweater has just sat! No inspiration whatsoever!

First I just removed the sleeves. I just didn't like them!

Remember that blue dress I refashioned and removed the sleeves? Let me refresh your memory... click here for the post

I used the leftover sleeves and added them to the top. I even removed some of the sides of the top but it didn't do much. After seeing the photos,  need to take it in even more. I promise you, the shirt grows after wearing it! Here is my new top!

Not bad huh? Something now visually appealing.

But wait.... there is more! What about those sleeves? OH yeah this is another 2 for 1 sort of blog post!!
Fall is here and winter is coming. That means my poor older cat who has a heart condition gets cold. As a result, he follows you like a puppy and has to be in your lap all the time because he is cold. It sounds cute but really having a cat in the lap won't work. But he is cold. I decided to convert the sleeve into a sweater. The wrist will be the head and the arm hole will be the bottom of the sweater. I cut some holes big enough for him to move (learned this with the first one which is sort of mangled from scissors). He absolutely loves it!!! I mean he was walking around so happy that I could not get a photo out of him. 

I promise you it is in now way tight on him- cats are poofy with lots of fur. 

I got him to go and eat. Finally some sort of photo. 

But my Sebastian will stay warmer this winter. 

So 1 sweater = 2 sweaters!!! (and a happy cat)


1 comment:

MsKat said...

Cute top, and such a sweet kitty sweater! It's always a wonderful thing when you can make a child or pet happy with something so simple! I see more sweaters in that kitty's future!


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