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Friday, March 28, 2014

Taking the fun out of chocolate chip cookies, gf review

Ok today is just another review. Yeah haven't tried any new recipes at the moment. Need to pick out a few. So will have to settle for another review. This time cookies. Well let's just say these enjoy life chocolate chip cookies really had the fun taken out of them. They taste like fruit!!! Yes fruit!! Not really like chocolate chip cookies should taste like. Looked on the back... yeah had dates and date juice. I'm sure other date stuff too. So this just tasted like a big date cookie with some (mind you few) chocolate "chips" which were probably made of dates or something. I got really cranky can't you tell? Why? Why take the fun out of my cookies? If I wanted something healthy, I but "healthy" cookies.

Yeah small and sad. Never again.

With much sadness,

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