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Monday, November 7, 2011

McCalls 6083- my sack romper

So I was super excited to make this pattern back this summer. I had some leftover houndstooth fabric from my stash and thought I would make a romper!

I used a McCalls pattern #6083

Me cutting it out. I had just enough fabric!

Sewn together.

Initially my plan was to use the leftover flounce from the shirt I dyed back and turned into a dress see here.

But the flounce was not long enough (missed it by like 6 inches!) and I thought the proportions were off.

So I ripped it off and I did nothing with this romper since June. Yes June.

Here is the end product. I like the bias tape trim on it, it gives it a finished look. I added some straps

The problem I have with this pattern is the bodice needs to be longer, I don't have a super long torso but I was uncomfortable with where it hit top wise. If I pulled it to where I was comfortable, then it um,... went in the wrong place and looked horrible! It needed some sort of strap. And it seriously needs a belt!

I look like I'm in a sack getting ready to clean my house. Completely opposite of what I wanted with something to go out. This is more of I'm hanging out at the house sort of clothing.

Would I make this pattern again? Maybe, now I know to increase the length of the bodice. I have also read from some other reviewers that the V-neck shirt option is impossible to get in and needs to be done in a knit. good to know! But it is winter time so I won't be pulling this pattern out anytime soon. Maybe next spring!


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Anonymous said...

I liked the ruffles!!!
Victoria B


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