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Monday, November 7, 2011

Sailor Halloween Costume

Now time for me to blog about my Halloween Costume! We did not plan for this nautical sort of theme but it just sort of happened. I saw this pattern on simplicity and said that is what I am going to be! Just in case if you want to see Calvin's Old Spice Sea Captain fight an octopus fish costume click here.

I chose the sailor option, I have never been a sailor before and I had the fabric all at home! Thank you stash!

So here is the bodice and the midriff part.

Making the bubble skirt. That was not pleasant I will admit that!

Natasha, or my grey ninja, with the netting. This was challenging with her!!! And challenging to sew! My foot was getting caught in the netting. Sigh!

When I was adding the white bias trim I cheated and used my ruler to mark where they needed to go.

I also cheated on adding the trim to the back collar. I was too tired to figure out how to mitre the corner or make it curve. I sewed and glued the overlap!

The jacket finished! :) I was very happy with the outcome! And yes that is Natasha on my ironing board. She is my little sewing shadow!

I fitted the dress to me. Which took some effort. The bodice was very big. Everything else was pretty good. :) Now I needed adornments.

Found a Sailor Hat on amazon again for pretty cheap.

Hat while glueing! I used some red sequin trim to give it some flair! :)

So here is my Halloween Costume. This picture was taken on my iPhone by Calvin who doesn't have a steady hand. I am working on a better picture b/c I would like to submit it to the Simplicity contest!

Overall, I love it. The bubble skirt was painful though. I would probably make this pattern again should I need to make it for another costume. I wish the jacket was longer, it is a tad too short and if I lift my arms up you see the striped bodice underneath. The directions call for bias trim but none really matched my fabric color. The skirt is short! I was almost borderline uncomfortable. I was saved b/c it was a bubble skirt but I did not bend over! I cut a 14 rather than a 12, and I did find there was one mis-print on one of the pattern pieces..

It says 12 but really it is meant for a 14. This pattern had many pieces, all for almost the different sizes. :)

I totally want to make another costume! Maybe I'll make one for the christmas party!



sew vala said...

I have also found with simpilicity patterns I have to cut serval sizes larger than other makes. Your outfit is cute, You guys must have looked fab together.

Kara said...

You did a greatjob! Thanks for sharing.


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