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Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall fabric panels

I love decorating for the Halloween and the fall. One of the fun things that I have made in the past that are super easy are these fabric panels that I usually get at Hobby Lobby I believe from Daisy Kingdom. I love how they come with instructions.

Here is how easy it is! First iron the fabric. Next cut out the main panel. Fuse the additions to fusible fleece. Cut out a piece of batting and fabric to back the panel. Sew together, turn inside out and close the seam. Cut out the decorations with a good pair of scissors and glue on the panel. I usually take my leftover fabric to make a sleeve for the back part of panel to hang up on a dowel. (I refuse to use a coat hanger and hot glue- I just think it looks tacky and I want the back to look good too. :)

Here are my Fall/Halloween ones...

So far they both survived 1 year since I made them last year. :) I made some other ones for Christmas last year too. I have 2 new Winter Holiday ones I am going to do also so stay tuned for a tutorial. :)



sew vala said...

these are so cute. I started an autumnal panel last year, so far its still in the ufo pile. maybe by next autumn it will be finished.

Kara said...

Wow I've never heard of these before but I will have to look for them now. Thanks for sharing at Shine on Friday!!


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