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Monday, November 7, 2011

Bubble Necklaces

So hopefully Sonja won't read this until after she gets her birthday gifts. I have this bubble necklace that I absoultey love and randomly one day I found the same beads at Burke's Outlet and I decided to make Sonja a similar one since she oogles mine at performances.

So I started with all the beads I had obtained and were taken apart. I had them semi-sorted. I also grabbed my necklace bead holder, hardware, and pliers.

I have a ton of those non clasps holders where you pull some sort of pin through a circular item. And it holds. So I opted for a few of the necklaces/bracelets for some of these.

Then I just went to town! Coming up with a few different ideas... 3 neckalces and 2 bracelets.

These beads are mysterious to me b/c they look pretty bland and dull but once you add a flash and take a picture. Bam, you almost get blinded by the glare. I could not take any decent pictures to show this in my room. It all just flared and looked weird. However, this is great jewelry for a bellydancer! :)

Let's see what she picks!



sew vala said...

I am sure your friend is going to love those.

Kara said...

Love this necklace!! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Friday!!


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