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Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving yarn wreath

So I am actually done with an iron craft on time! Actually I am early! oh yeah! This week in Iron craft the theme was Fall Contest. So make something related to fall. I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to finish making my fall thanksgiving wreath. And another yarn wreath! Yay!

First I started off with a circle wreath and some brown yarn.

I wanted to use these 2 sort of small dolls that my mom had given me as a fall decoration. They were just kind of there and were kind of hard to decorate with. I thought these would make a great addition to a wreath.

I wrapped my wreath with yarn.

To set the dolls on the wreath, I did not want to hot glue them on then the answer was right in front of me! Stray pins! So I put the dolls in with 2 pins each. It held really, really well!

I had gone to Michael's after work and found a simple "giving thanks" sign and I put it on the top of my wreath.

Eventually I think I would like to add to the wreath but right now I like just the simplicity of everything. :)

WAhoo! Project done early! Makes up for the missed other projects in iron craft right??



kat said...

A few colorful leaves might be a nice addition if you decided to add something else.

Kara said...

Very cute. Thanks for sharing at Shine on Friday.


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