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Friday, November 4, 2011

White shirt makeover

I found this lovely white button down Ann Taylor Loft shirt for $0.99 one day at goodwill. I loved it and it was in good shape.

But I have a bunch of white button down shirts in my closet and I thought I would challenge myself to change the color. It had wonderful black buttons so I thought why not try gray.

When I actually cut off the tags, I realized the shirt HAD NEVER BEEN WORN BEFORE! It still had the magnetic security tag in the shirt! OMG!!!

Maybe it is because I am in saving mode right now but I can not image spending a lot of money on a shirt and never wearing it. I just can't. I usually buy something and pretty much wear it! But then again I just got out of grad school, I have a different mindset.

I chose RIT dye in pearl gray. I had no idea how this was going to turn out b/c it was purple until it was dry.

The end product no hemming or alterations needed. And since it was a blend of fabrics I kind of got a heathered gray. Very happy! Perfect for work!



southernscraps said...

Love the results! I've never dyed anything but this make me want to try.

sew vala said...

I too love dying fabric especially as the colour will vary depending on the type of fabric used.

Jordan McCollum said...

Neat! I've always wanted to dye something but never got up the courage. Good for you!

Jean C. said...

I can relate to the not wearing something I spend money on? Who does that? Anyway... so you know, a lot of clothing co.'s (and others)donate stuff that doesn't sell for a tax write off! It turned out cute!


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