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Friday, November 4, 2011

Handmade Jewelry

Got inspired one day to make another easy necklace with simply beading wire, beads, and crimp beads. I combined 2 different pink beads. One a various sized pink pearls and the second was clear pink crystal beads. I used some clear bicones to separate the 2 different beads. They came with one of the beads on a string.

There is no rhyme or reason or technique really I just put beads together-alternating and was happy with what I got! :)

A close up, really it is simple, simple beading.

I love easy thing! Here's to destashing my stash!



Penny-Rose said...

I really like the colour of the pearly beads - what outfit will you wear this with?

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you Penny-Rose. The pearls are a pink color and I am a pink-kind-of-gal so probably with pink outfits. Haven't figured out which one yet but it will be a great work necklace. :)

sew vala said...

Have you had another go at the chain maille yet. Once it clicks its so cool and the colours avaiible in anodized aliminum are fab.


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