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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pink and Yellow Lemonade Dress

Alright I finished some pictures last night and I am ready to update my blog! wahoo!! I am so excited to finally be caught up! So.. I will start with a dress I can't wear right now b/c it is too cold! But I am eagerly saving it in my closet! Never thought I would buy or wear a yellow dress but I saw this one and decided to change my mind.

I loved the tucks in the bodice I just thought the bodice was too long and didn't help my figure. Additionally the bottom of the dress was messed up and crooked but not in a good way. I decided to cut off the bottom, it is a circle-like skirt so this may be tricky. Also I decided to add some pink trim to the middle to raise the waistline of the dress and add some bling to it! And then I added pink edge to the dress. I wanted it wider but didn't have enough fabric in my dress. I didn't take any pictures (how I managed that I have no idea!) during this process. Basically the middle part of trim is glued (hee hee!) and the bototm edge is just sewn.

The end product....

It is now a fun and flirty dress!. Yeah an iron would be good but it is going directly in my closet. Too short to wear to work but I can wear it anywhere else. The added piece of matieral is not perfect but it works and the longer it hangs on the hanger actually it is pulling out the boxiness as I put it! Again I only paid $0.99 for this dress. But the concepts I had for redesigning this dress are nice, it really needed a better defined waist. Plus the pink looks great with the yellow! Who knew?? We went from drab to fab! :)




Shiloh said...

I love that color combination. Great fix!

Kara said...

Awesome job! I'm totally inspired by you!!


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