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Monday, November 7, 2011

Teal lace Rose Cardigan refashion

Finally I finished this cardgian! I have just been waiting on buttons to finally finish this!!! I think I started to work on it in August! Seriously.

So my inspiration was this cardigan I found online. I forget where it is from

I started out with a plain teal cardigan.

I laid the lace on top of it and began to pin at edges, etc. And then I sewed it down.

Ok so I don't have a lot of pictures since this project elapsed over several months. I got stuck. The arm seam just sort of threw me off. I had no idea where to go with it. I found this premade chiffon ruffle I decided to add to the neckline to sort of finish it. I used the leftover of the chiffon ruffle to make like a rosette sort of shape on the one side- I tacked that down by hand. Finally, add the buttons back. The buttons that came on the sweater were like a brown/cream color and needed to be changed. I got some simple black buttons and added them where the old ones were. :)

The final product... well it is something I am not sure I would wear all the time. But I just finished it, that is what counts! :)

I may give it away. I will say it is well made with the edges being even. I am very proud of that. I just wish I realized the arm seams were on a diagonal then I would have opted for another cardigan. So I call it my avant-garde cardigan. lol. Don't know if I will wear it yet!

Until next post!


southernscraps said...

Your sweater is lovely! You did a great job.

TracyKM said...

It's awesome! I'd definately wear it!
I love cardigans too, but find I get bored of the solid coloured ones quickly, but the patterned ones can be overwhelming if worn too often (and what to wear them with?!). This is modern, elegant, classy, but not "old"!

Kara said...

You are so inspiring!! I love how it turned out!


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