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Friday, December 30, 2011

Fabric Points Tally 2011!

So the goal of 2011 was to use up my fabric, make my own clothing and not buy anything new. I set the goal at 100 points for fabric use! I didn't know if I could make it or not but I thought it would try. Succesfully with all the babies being born and giving some away, I met my 100 point goal. :)

I continued to go and here is my final count....

so I was at 106

+1 for straps on the jumper (my sack jumper)
+1 lace for teal cardigan
+1 pink strip on my yellow dress refashion
+1 fabric donation
+5 for my sailor costume
+1 for my gold sash for Calvin's Costume
+1 for the octopus for Calvin's Costume
+2 Advent Calendar
+1 yellow bath baby towel #2
+ 10 panel skirts for baklava!
+4 for the christmas snowmen fabric panels
+4 for the pumpkins and turkeys I gave to my mom
+1 for the skeleton apron

However I lost 4 points b/c some of the red fabric I gave Sonja came back to me....

So the grand total is 135
So exciting!

Next I am aiming higher! will probably do 200!! :) Here's to reaching my goals!


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