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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review of 2011 New Years Goals

I always like to review my New Years now, b/c if I have to review them it may make me stick to them more. ;)

So I am going back to my original post and the ideas I had! If it is bolded, I completed this resolution!

General 2011: Use up what I have!!! And I did!

1. Decrease fabric stockpile by ~50% (so there is no more out of the closet).
----- eh well I have a small pile out in the closet. I am sooo close. I give myself 0.5

2. Decrease my debt 50%. +1
Yup I did! I am so proud of myself. I have enjoyed being frugal. It sucks at times but then when I open up a bill, I get giddy with excitement when I see the low balance.

3. Reduce my craft projects. This includes the following... +1
- stuff turkeys and pumpkin for mom
- snowmen cross stitch stockings (2 of them)
- lion latch hook
- light up santa cars
- penquin snow sign
-bless this house needlepoint
- advent calendar
- ADPi tshirt quilt (started and never finished)
- iris latch hook
- budha cross stitch
- cuba cross stitch (there are 3 i would love to have 1 done!)
- christmas stockings with lions (there are 2)
- felt christmas card holder
- cross stitch ornaments
ok i'm going to stop now there are so many crafts I have purchased over the years (and hence why I have so much stuff!)
I said I would be happy with 1/3 reduction out of my craft kit thing I have 16 out of 32 done! So 50% done! Half! Yay! Go me!

4. Don't buy any more new manufactured clothes for a minimum of 6 months if not a year. +1
I did break 1X and that was to purchase a pair of khaki pants (on sale tho) this was only after much shopping that I found zero that fit me or were long enough. I had a giftcard tho so I really didn't spend any money.

5. Belly Dance Goals: learn 5 more dances by myself. Should I teach them to Baklava then so be it. If not then I know something that I can use when I have to perform by myself. I have many choreo DVDS so 5 is very reasonable. :) Again its this whole stuff issue.... ah!
- and get a kick ass floor layback. my standing laybacks are getting better but floor ones I am not strong enough yet to do. :( this will be the year!
- choreo sabri aleel
-choreo fan veil dance
-finish veil poi dance that I started over 2 years ago
- finish my glass dance
unfortunately this did not happen. after breaking my back and tearing my knee. I was unable to dance for nearly 5 months this year. Then I had muscle atrophy and had to learn how to do things all over. sadly this wasn't possible. but there is always next year!

6. Career Goals +1
- get renewed- yup!
- publish 2 papers- yup 2 actually!
- get my own grant/funding!- not yet but working on it!

7. Bellydance Costume goals +1
-finish harem pants- yup
- finish black ab bra/belt set- I did and now baklava is working on some
- finish pink patchwork set- almost done!
- corset tops- we scractched these idea
- fix red costume- yes!
- make my indian sherbert costume (pink and peach fun!)- opted to make the periwinkle instead!
- pink leopard set- almost done
- sequin dot costume- sounds bad but i guarantee you its going to look awesome!- waiting
- fix black costume from ebay. working on it!
- make a sewing form for myself- i did but it busted. I asked Santa for a dress form this Christmas and I got it!
Not bad huh! I am very proud of myself here!

8. Use up all my perfumes, lotions, candles, shampoos/conditioners, etc that I have. I actually have only 2 perfume bottles left! On last body wash bottle. 2 lotions left and no s/c hanging out in storage! I am out of candles. Actually things are pretty bare! +1!!!

9. Random goals
- run a 5K- couldn't do b/c of injuries
- use up some of my beads and make 2 necklaces (minimally)- yes!
- organize my recipes- sort of
- don't buy anymore fabric- eek um bought 3 different things
- sell some of my stuff- gave it to goodwill instead or to friends :)
- send out a picture instead of a christmas card- no got to use paper!
- get that thing that i really want :) I am not elaborating more. Guess! nope but out of my control ;)
This goal was not fullfilled. but its ok!

Actually there were 9 Goals Listed... I did 6.5!!! That is 72%. This year was probably the best year when it came to sticking to my resolutions, I would have to say. Wow, I am really proud of myself.

Cheers to 2011 with less stuff! B/c it truly happened. Now to make my 2012 New Years Resolutions!

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