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Friday, December 30, 2011

Grapes and champagne Necklace- Last Iron Craft Challenge!

I missed the last 2 iron craft challenges with the holidays and trying to close up the lab. I tried but they didn't happen, wrap it up and mulligan. The final challenge of the year was bling. Of course I had to do it! I used some amethyst color glass beads I got on clearance at Michael's. I mixed it up with some champagne and gold colored beads.

It was a bit too short while I was finishing it, I added a few gold beads at the ends. Then it was the perfect length. :)

Here are just other pictures.
These beads remind me of grapes.

No flash.

Here's to finishing a year of the Iron Craft! Whew! It really helped me finish up some lingering projects and explore my creative side. But man it times it was really hard to keep up with! I plan on continuing the Iron Craft in 2012, since now it is bi-weekly challenges (so 1 challenge=2 weeks instead of 1).

Happy New Years! :)


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kat said...

So glad you are in for next year!


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