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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

So I am home for the holidays! It has been so much fun visiting my family in Florida. But I am ready to come back home. I miss my cats, my bed, my keurig coffee machine... LOL. It has been so hot down here, the air is on and we were hot on Christmas day. So we are actually looking forward to going back to cooler weather! We start the drive tomorrow morning for a 10 hour tour! Wahoo.

I hope everyone had a great holidays. I actually thrifted 3 new refashions in the making. And I hope to have an Oscar de la Renta suit (yes I found it in the store!! my mom is going to get it tuesday for me since they were closed and we were pressed for time). Fingers crossed it hasn't been bought but I doubt it! So excited!

Also I was a good girl and for christmas I got a dress form! :)

I have been pouting that I can not take it out of the box and start fitting clothing. I am chomping at the bit! I will be able to sew much faster now and I can adjust it to my height and its got a hem guide. Sweetness!!!

I actually have off until January 3rd. I am so excited. So I plan on doing several projects here and catch up. I just finished a latch hook while I was home. I have some sewing ideas. So big plans!!! So that means more posts. :)

Hopefully I would like to plan on doing a series of posts weekly with different things and be a more consistent blogger. I will also be working with Fashionartprojects.com using their craft line. Very excited. Things are going well!

Well I am off to catch dinner with my cousin. Happy Holidays everyone!


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