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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

iron craft catch up!

Even though I have not been blogging I have been attempting to do Iron craft while they were assigned. I just need to catch up with them!

1. For IC 46- holiday gift. I hand embroidered a scarf. Now I did have some help b/c it was pre-stamped with the design. I wish it wasn't b/c it was difficult with having one side open and sewing on it! I finished the open seam with some stitch witchery. :) Love that stuff!
Also hand embroidering on silk duponi for my first attempt probably was not the smartest idea!

2. For IC47- for the table I prepared a sweet potatoe casserole for thanksgiving. OMG it is soo good but of course I forgot a picture!

3. For IC 48- wreath. I did not particpiate. I have a lot of wreaths! I actually need to slow down on wreaths. Too many!

4. For ic 49- for the kids- I am almost done with it and will be posting soon. :) Yay!


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