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Friday, December 30, 2011

A tale of 2 different colors but 1 dye

I had this silver lace that I got on mega clearance from Hobby Lobby. It was pretty but I never got inspired by it for any project. The color tone was off and I couldn't make it work! I dyed to dye it, I did not know what the composition was of the fabric so I thought I would take a stab at using good ol' RIT Dye in black.

I tried the first round and prepped my dye like I normally do on the stovetop. Initially I got a gold in the mix with the lace. When I washed it, the lace was like a brown army green with gold tones. Pretty awesome. I was just happy it was not silver and grey.

I then redid the rest of the lace with the black dye from RIT Dye again. I prepped my dye black and lace like I normally do. I did notice when I added the dye it had different sort of speckles of color. What I wound up with this round was completely different. It got this gorgeous bronze brown.

Here is the 2 of them together.

I expected maybe 2 different tones of the green but I did not image that I would get 2 different colors all together. I think they may have been 2 different lots. I love both and I plan on using both but wow! What a surprise!!! At least it is no longer silver grey!


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