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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Fabric Panels

I love these easy fabric panels. They make such wonderful wall decorations for the holidays. Here is the one I made for this christmas. I opted to not add the extra pieces for the presents and the birds b/c it was too hard to cut out and I thought simpler was better. I have saved the presents for a future project. :)

So I have not ever done a tutorial on how to add fabric hooks to hang the panels up. The directions on one of these said to hot glue a wire hanger. yeah that was ugly so I came up with this technique.

First I used the leftover fabric and I cut it about 6.5 inches across. I don't know the exact length. BTW this fabric was a curtain.. wth???? I kept the bottom seam.

Fold in half and iron.

Sew the long side and also the top side.

Trim edges. Turn inside out (so now you see the right side)and iron. Fold over and sew across to make the pocket. Add glue.

I usually glue it below the top of the panel. So you can't see it when it hangs.

Add one to each side and then the middle.

Again my finished product... hanging up on a dowel.

I love these but I told myself next year no more. They are starting to build up in my closet where I store them! LOL!

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