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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where have I been???

So again it has been a busy few weeks.... There have been little blog posts. Nothing. Like someone pulled a plug. But I guess I have some explaining to do!

Luckily no plug has been pulled. Yes I have been very busy. Even during lunch at work I haven't even been able to plug out a skeleton post to work on later. I have been busy. Lots of behind the scenes....

1. Baklava Bellydance (my bellydance group I dance in!) has decided to start an advanced class/student troupe. I am going to head it and I have 5 wonderful ladies to begin dancing with... Our first practice is this friday! We had a meeting last Friday night (yes black friday) to discuss logistics, future planning, etc. But that has taken a lot of thinking time!! I can't wait. Their name will be Raq Garden (raq= egyptian word for bellydance/dance so it is my little garden blooming with new dancers!) I thought it was cute!

2. The Bellydance Superstars are coming to Mobile, Alabama.
They are starting an East coast tour of the smaller "Club Bellydance" show where the first half is local dancers followed by a second half of the bellydance superstars. We were approached and I am showhow running this event! Eek! But it is sponsored by Baklava. The date will be on leap year so only a few months to plan. But my goal is to sell out! Wahoo. Now we need to start phase II where we begin to do media and public relations! OMG I am soooo busy! We are also making new costumes based on the midnight madness/black ab costume I made. Mine is done but I am making sure needles and beads are in girls hands!

3. It was my bday and I did take an "electronic break" :) I'm not 32, I am Lauren version 3.2..... just more awesome than the previous version. ;)

4. Prepping for christmas! I did make a few gifts, others I have purchased things online. I am almost done. How awesome is that???!!!!

But I am slowly working on sewing and refashioning. You may begin to see some other posts coming in with crafts. You may also see some more bellydance posts since I will interface the troupe with my blog. Sometimes it is just easier to put it up on a blog rather than search in an email. Breakdown of moves, to homework, costume help, etc. I may also see some exercises for targeted muscles on here. Between my physical therapy and now getting ready for performing with the bellydance superstars, I'll also be putting up some exercise moves.

So hopefully I will make it through December and that means I have made it through 1 entire year without conventional clothes shopping! I can't believe it! Actually, I have sort of enjoyed it. And it just came in handy b/c I just found out I was a victim of credit card fraud. Someone stole my credit card! They charged to Gap and Chico's clothing store (and a few other stores! I mean do I look like I am going to buy things from Disney? I have no nieces or nephews or children- no I'm not shopping there!). When I was talking to the lady on the phone, I had a good alibi that I didn't purchase clothes! LOL I gave it up this entire year!

Hope everyone is making it through the Holiday Season! :)


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