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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advent Calendar

I purchased another one of those pre-made fabric pieces, a year or so ago, this one was different- it was an advent calendar. I thought it was different (and was 75% off!). This year I fnally decided to make it and not sit longer in my fabric stash.

It was pretty easy to follow, cut out the panel and then cut out each of the boxes/string of boxes to put the goodies. I did have to learn how to box pleat the string of boxes that was fun....

Then attach! I first started with the single boxes to get a feel for sewing them on the main panel.

Not too bad..

Continued with the larger ones. Which was a bit more challenging.

Next, I backed with a piece of batting and a piece of red material. Cut all the loose strings (there were many!). And we have an Advent Calendar, all ready for goodies.

I love it, with that retro funky flair!


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