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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Felt Christmas Card Snowmen Hanger

After doing this felt craft and the Bucilla Penquin Snow Hanger I have decided no more felt projects for me. They are beautiful in the end but I find myself frustrated and angry during the entire crafting process. I don't like seeing the stitches and that is difficult with felt. Crafts and sewing should be fun and not painful. I don't have the patience for felt, but I have patience for sewing hundreds and thousands of sequins and beads on projects..... yeah I don't get it, go figure.

So I started with this Bucilla Project here that I picked up. Pretty cute, it is a card holder. Thought it was different and would make a nice christmas gift.

Again I cheated with using fabric paint rather than embroidery, I find I can control the end outcome better! I also used fusible interface rather than the pellon they gave (because they did not include enough!!! Bad Bucilla!).

Here are some during pictures. :)

The end product- the top part.

The entire portion, it is huge!

The back I covered with fusible fleece, again there was not enough included in the package to cover the entire back.

I am giving away some of the felt projects I had purchased to my mother. She likes them. Me, no more they are just taking up space in my craft room. And I don't have a lot of space to spare! LOL

Here's to finishing another Project! Wahoo!


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