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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 New Years Resolutions

Yup it is the beginning of the year again, Happy 2013! Wow it honestly amazes me that another year has past. I know not everyone is a fan of setting New Years Resolutions but I always like to do so. I really like to set goals for myself and push myself to do something different. And I learned that if I blog about it, announcing it to the world what I wanted to accomplish, I am more apt to finish it. I don't like writing about failing at things, call me an over achiever. Let's see in 2011, I gave up conventional shopping only to either purchase from a thrift store, refashion, or make it myself. I went an entire year with out shopping at a store. It was an amazing experience, and now I am a huge fan of thrifting. OMG I love it! Around here in DC I have learned you can get some nice clothing that looks like it hasn't ever been worn! In 2012, my biggest goal was to use fabric and sew for charity. I superceded my expectations donating over 100 items to charity. It was a great feeling. Now what do I have in store for 2013?

Really my goals are the same: to use less, to want less, and use what I have. It has been a reoccurring overall theme for the past few years. This year is no different.

1. Do a 5k. Why? B/c I didn't do one last year and I have always wanted to run one (well maybe more like hobble?) I have friends who have done 5ks and they have inspired me! What is holding me back?

2. Get fabric to 1 suitcase. Of course I am going to keep track of points. This is a lofty goal. I have 4 suitcases of fabric, which down from 5 and almost a small loveseat size of fabric was a big accomplishment this past year. I want to take it another step and bring it down to 1. This is going to be tricky but it is about time that I use some of my patterns!

3. Sew 200 items for charity. The two charities I will be focusing on is Enchanted Makeovers and of course my favorite, Bundles of Love. Enchanted makeovers is a new organization I found actually through Pinterest. If you have not read their story, please go to their website. They makeover shelters and give pillowcases, capes, dolls, and other projects to women and children in shelters. My focus will mostly be on capes, maybe a few pillowcases, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make a few dolls. If anyone has any links to great doll sewing patterns please send them my way. I have never sewn a doll before. But I really love to contribute something like this to a child. So 200 items! I think it is totally doable.

4. Get rid of 1 box of beads. I have 3 I would like to get it down to 2. Last year I got rid of 1 box (so from 4 to 3). This year let's do 1 moer!

5. Do all of my instructional bellydance DVDs. Yeah I am crazy. How many are there? Um er 70.... Yes that makes me have to do a DVD about every 5 days. Ha ha ha ha. But the thing is this... I have purchased many DVDs in the past. I have never really used them. I feel like it is just money sitting on my shelf. I would feel better if I have done something with them. Maybe I'll learn something? This would be good for me. So expect to see more DVD reviews on the blog. I hope to hit a rhythm with them soon. :)

6. Reduce craft kits to 3. There are 10 right now, so that means finish 7 of them. Here they are:

  1. Indian Palace Cross Stitch
  2. Cuban cigar box cross stitch
  3. cuban cigar box cross stitch
  4. cuban cigar box cross stitch
  5. asian butterflies
  6. sitting budha
  7. Van Gough Irises latch hook
  8. grape coasters
  9. cat mitten ornament cross stitch
  10. Eiffel tower paint by number (its actually a set but I only want to do that one)
7. Get out of credit card debt. I could have done this had I not moved. Moving ate up a lot of money and I did not get a relocation money due to certain things. So now this year I shall do it. Heck if I am busy doing DVDs, sewing, crafting, etc I will have no time to go shopping.

8. Do 20 more refashions. I love refashioning. If you don't know I am one of the editors on a group blog at Refashion Co-Op. We have been almost been in business for 2 years! It has been a wonderful experience being an editor and contributing. I would still like to focus on refashioing and not buying brand new clothing. This is what will help me get out of debt. :)

9. Complete 24 sewing patterns. Yeah this is lofty too. 2 a month!

10. Restore my grandmother's linens. I have decided this will be a great project for more of the middle of the year. But finally I will complete this!

11. Finish my t-shirt quilt from college. Really I have started the project, I need to sew it!!! 

12. Draft 2 patterns from scratch. Yeah again this goal transferred over to this year. 

13. Finish the Bellydance costumes I started:
  1. endless wave pants pattern
  2. black ebay costume fix
  3. pink leopard costume finish
  4. olive rhinestones costume.
14. knit something other than a scarf! My first class starts in a week!
Alternatively I would like to sequin 20 butterflies for the holocaust museum. Let's see how the winter goes. 

Again some crazy, lofty goals for the new year. I would really like to accomplish them. Normally if I make 50% of them I am happy but this year I would love to do all of them. That would be awesome. But they wouldn't be goals I didn't have to work at them! :)

Peace, Love, and Happiness to you all.

Have a Happy New Years!



Jade said...

I can relate to a few of your resolutions. This week I decided to try and reduce my sewing/craft related boxes from 4 to 2. This would make total sense since I don't get to sew much. However when I dragged out all the items I had stashed in all sorts of places it turns out that I actually had 10 large boxes not the 4 I had guessed!! So far I am down to 6 and it will be 5 when I hang the 2 sets of curtains I still need to finish.
The dvd resolution is great too. I also have belly dance dvd's I haven't tried in my massive collection. I think I may have to make a similar resolution in that regard too.
I hope you achieve all of your goals.

La La Lauren!!! said...

Jade I am glad I am not the only one who the same issues with craft/sewing boxes! I was really happy to do some condensing before the move but during the move I realized I needed to get rid of more!

Thank you also on the DVD resolution. Yes isn't it weird you buy the DVDs but you never get around to using them? How does that happen? So this year I am determined.
I hope you too also achieve your goals! :) Happy New Years!

Krugthethinker said...

I am totally in awe of how much you get done in a year! I missed seeing your posts after you finished your 90 days of blogging, so I am glad to see you are back in action! I hope your 2013 is fantastic--happy new year!


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