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Friday, January 18, 2013

Gluten free review: Tasty Thai

Today I am reviewing Tasty Thai noodles. I was excited about them because I love Thai.

I am going to tell you from the beginning- this was not good. But I will continue with this blog post. I followed the instructions and also added some chicken.

It looked sooo good. I was drooling.

However upon eating it I could not get past a few bites. It was spicy hot but I expected that and was looking forward to some heat. But then there was this odd taste to the mix. It tasted funny. I have no idea why. I even let my boyfriend taste it and he eats everything, he also agreed there was a funny taste to the mix he could not put his finger on it either. Neither of us could eat it and it got put in the trash.

I was not happy with this mix and I won't purchase this again. I can't believe how weird it tasted.

Well better luck next time!


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