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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wrapped wire rings part 2!

After the first wire rings project, I decided that I wanted to try other things and turn them into rings!

Here is with a pink sparkly button.

I actually wove it through the button part 2 times to give it a little strength. 

Next I tried these wide turquoise beads that were like medallions.

Again I went through the bead 2X since it was a flat medallion sort of bead and that would give it strength. 

As you can see I wrapped around the flat bead. Again I crimped down each side. So no scratching my sking!

Here are some other beads I tried. This dark purple square crystal. 

I had this funky bead. I wasn't so much as a fan of it. 

This one is one of my favorites. It is the big round black crystal bead. OMG it is fabulous in person!

This is what the wire wrapped pearls looked like on. 

This was another black crystal bead. 

Here is the pink button. :)

Yay for more wire wrapping fun. :) The possibilities are endless!


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