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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Soap Pouch

I actually did this project when we first moved to DC. Calvin needed something for his soap and I had this messed up wash cloth. I have no idea but I have a lot of wash cloths...

Enter Pinterest. I found this pin about how to make soap pouches. Click here for the Tutorial!

I tried to follow the tutorial but of course I messed up and changed things up.

Fold over the top part. 

Meet with the other side. 

And I added a ribbon, do this before you sew along the outer edges!!! See below! 

Here is what it looks like when you turn it right side out. 

I repeated again. with the leftover part of the wash cloth. 

I like the one I overlapped more. But if you have different sized bar soaps. They were super easy to make!


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