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Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Next Project Day 6: Go USA Wreath

Back to the craft goodies I received. Now time to play with the stars!!!

I wanted to make something for the Olympics and for the 4th of July. I had this wreath that would work great for this project.

Next I beaded on craft wire, red, white, and blue. I did a decent length. I knew I had to wrap around the wreath many times 

I wrapped the wire on the back to anchor the beads. 

Ready for the stars! Not using the gold ones, I have a fabulous project for them (it is tomorrow's post)

So I wrapped the wire around, then I hot-glued the stars on to the wreath!

Here is my end wreath! Go USA!

Again thanks to My Next Style for the stars! This was a great thing to decorate my door! For more projects check out their Facebook page and also fashionartprojects.com.

Tomorrow is the last day since the pictures have disappeared with the bandana yo-yo tote project. I am super sad.


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