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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Capes for Kids Initiated!

First up this year is to get rid of some fabric. This will simply some things that I have around here. :) I decided to start with capes for kids for Enchanted Makeovers. I used their tutorial here to make the capes.

Drafted my pattern! Since I was going to make so many capes, I opted to make myself a pattern to use over and over again. And I made it out of posterboard.

I used my new drafting ruler to help make the curve for the bottom of the cape. 

Here is all my fabric!! Time to cut!

the template made life easy but it still took awhile to cut everything. Here's a peak at one of the capes!

Now to make appliques! Then I can sew together!! yay! I have 45 pieces for 22.5 capes! yes!!!!


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