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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rhinestone Black Cardigan Refashion

No before picture but it was a big black sweater cardigan. Pretty boring. Needs fitting and bling! Enter scraped rectangle sew on rhinestones. I HAND sewed each one individually. First I came up with a design (these are completely not attached in this picture- I had to use this as a reference)

Hand stitch each one on.... it took some time. 

From the front

Now take in.... I am getting really good at putting a few pins (like 3!) and I know exactly how to take the sweater in. I have done it that much now! 


Cut off the excess and zig zag stitch to reinforce and stop fraying. 

Done! I love my new cardigan! 

And it is no longer frumpy and saggy. Perfect for work! Got to stay warm!


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