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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Easy DIY Fabric Scrap Gift Bag

You may remember last year I refashioned this dress

To this dress here

And then I used some on Monday to make baby bibs with Christmas Trees

I had a piece of scrap leftover after the bib project. Now I used it to make a quick gift bag with drawstrings! OMG it was so easy to do! First I started with the last scrap.

And it was serged at one end and had flaps. So I sewed them down real quick. This will be the top. 

Next I sewed down the side . 

Then on the bottom. Boom we have a bag!

Turn the bag right side out! 

Now to add drawstrings. I had some thin yarn that was sparkly that I decided to use. I found a larger needle that I could thread it through. 

Knot one end of course, then make long running stitches across the top of the bag. And on both sides!!

Cut off the excess and knot the other side. You MUST knot both sides. You could loose your thread!

Add goodies...

Pull to close! Done!!! 

Easy right? Now you have something you can make with those darn fabric leftovers. And make great gift bags in a pinch!


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