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Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Next Style Project Day 5: Rock N Roll Baby Onesies

After having so much fun with the Zip Screens from My Next Style, I decided to try them out for babies. I loved some of these medium screens and I realized they would fit perfectly on a baby onesie. I have a lot of friends who were pregnant and I thought these would be great gifts!

Again inserted a piece of cardboard inside each onesie (in a pinch the thicker paper that screens came in fit perfectly underneath and cover the area you are screening!) and secured the screens with tap. I tried the other colors I had- here is blue

Here's the after pics...

Now I wanted to make a girly Union Jack Onesie so I washed the screen (super easy) and tried it with pink.

Now you don't have to use all of the screen if you don't want to, here I only did the heart. I blocked it with tape.

On another one I just did the Rocker portion of the screen

Here are the onesies!!! OMG they are way too cute! Perfect for every Rock N Roll Baby!

These were perfect baby gifts! Thanks again to Next Style for the awesome products, check them out on Facebook and also at fashionartprojects.com there are some other great ideas on their websites!

Tomorrow unfortunately will not be the lavendar tote bag with the bandana yo-yos. The pictures have not yet appeared and it is driving me crazy. I am so sorry but I will have the 4th of July Wreath! Yay!



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