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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This is for the birds shirt refashion

I almost hesitate to call this a refashion but I did change how this shirt looks.

I really liked this shirt and loved the little birds. It fit but when I put it on the light color mixed with the pale color (or shall we say paste-y) of my skin it just is not flattering on me.

So I thought.... Bingo! What if I add some color to the edges to break up the flow of color from my shirt to the skin. I opted for navy blue bias tape.

First I did the bottom with a wide wide tape. I think it may have been binding tape like for quilts-they are usually wider.
Then I used another size bias tape on the arm holes and the neckline. Now the top looks much better.

Definitely works better now. Not so much with the blue skirt but much better overall. :)


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