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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I heart my new sweatshirt- a refashion

Take one plain grey sweatshirt....

Plus a red zipper sweatshirt
wait let me adjust the flash..... here we go!

So what do you get? I (heart) my sweatshirt. So what the heck am I talking about?

First I took in the sides of the sweatshirt and sleeves. I pinned myself in.

Sew and Serge

Next the problem with the red zip up... Holes!
But I just loved the fabric color, etc. So looks like I need to use it for something else. I'm going to add a heart to the sweatshirt! First grab some paper. Fold in half!
Draw a heart! This I actually did in the first try which amazed me. So quick!

Pin to the red sweat shirt. Draw with a disappearing marker. Cut

Now I want to attach but I don't want to glue it. I thought I would use just a simple backstitch to attach. First pick the color. Ding we have a winner

I pinned the heck out of the heart on the sweat shirt. I tried the shirt on and literally pinned it while it was on. And there was no blood. Win! Then sew! Which was at times awkward to sew.

Yay done here is my new sweat shirt. and omg!! I LOVE it!



Colette Thompson said...

Such a cute and easy idea - I love thi!

Eddie's Room said...

Love your posing. I'll bookmark this for later use. Did you sew on the heart by hand or with the machine?

Eddie xx

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La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! I sewed this my hand for the heart. I would have probably got agitated on my machine. Lol :) I really like this sweat shirt!


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