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Monday, April 15, 2013

Iron Craft '13 #7 Ethnic: Indian Dress Refashion

Better late then never!!! I finally had some time, I lost track of my blog with demoing instruments for the lab and then it was the annual American Association for Cancer Research meeting. And then I wound up sick! OMG!! But here we are!

The challenge is to create something from an ethnicity  doesn't have to be yours. I had this Indian Dress I got at Goodwill one day and been waiting to refashion it. This dress is lovely and I just loved Indian embroidery.

Now the lining is horrible. There is no back to the dress and it was rigid. The first thing I wanted to do with this dress was make a skirt but look at the lining... it was gross. I had to hand wash it first! It stunk!

Then I made the cut.... I was so nervous, I cut along a one of the ribbons and used the bottom of the dress to be the bottom of the skirt. 

Here's my panel. Now technically it is too wide but I didn't want to risk cutting up up and having everything  fray and dealing with that or the mirrors. 

I decided to use a piece of scrap blue polyester which stretches to make the back of the skirt. I measured about the length and width of the fabric panel. 

Cut the fabric in half and sew each side to the panel (right sides together). I sewed slowly and used a heavy duty needle. 

Next I adjusted so the skirt would fit snug. Added an invisible zipper and then darts to adjust the waist from being too big. 

Surprisingly this was easy peasy. Now to finish off the top part of the skirt. I opted for bias tape. 

Skirt is now done! Yes it was that easy. Here are some quick shots I took of it. I can't wait to wear it!!! 

The meeting and being sick really threw a wrench in my plans or else it would have been done one time. No worries I will not be late with the next iron craft challenge-playtime. :)



Schulz Family said...

visiting from handmade tuesday. This is great. Fantastic job

Just Crafty Enough said...

Clever how you figured out how to work with the fabric.


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