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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yellow & Crushed Glass Bead Ribbon Necklace

So you have seen the pink ribbon and pearl necklace. I thought I would try something else the same way. I have these cracked glass beads that I have wanted to use and I had yellow ribbon that I thought would work well with the glass.

Start the same way, knot and bring your knotted thread through the knot. Also this time I used button thread b/c these beads were way heavier!

Here is how I weave them. Very easy. There is room for error so you don't have to be perfect to make these types of necklaces

Basically I repeated the same procedure. But I made more strands and also decided to use white pearls I wanted a thick necklace of beads. :)
Repeat again tying off the notes for the strands starting with the shortest one first. Again burn. Blah Blah.

I glued also just because I am afraid.

I busted out the lobster claw, the jump rings, and chain.
I only used 1 of the chains, I am having the lobster claw link the big loop

Done! Here is the end necklace. I love how it is big and chunky and filled with beads.



HandJ Cobb said...

So pretty! I love yellow for spring, and the ribbon makes this so feminine. Good work!


anastasia anezinis said...

Is so shiny and preaty!!!I like it!!!


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