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Monday, April 29, 2013

The peacock feather 40s inspired top

I have this peacock feather fabric that I purchased  just because I love peacock items... I actually did not have a plan-LOL imagine that!!

I did not know what I wanted to make with it until I saw this simplicity pattern
I love the retro feeling of this blouse! LOVE! I followed the pattern. I got confused with the side invisible zipper, which I have never done before. I actually ran out of fabric and found it online and had to wait for that. OMG it was crazy. This took a while... another story

I added a button- I use a toothpick- great technique. I went for a blue button- to mimic the eye of the peacock feathers.

Now an issue I had was with the zipper-it was white and I had some issues with the side zip. It showed from the fabric.

I stumbled on the solution- use a green sharpie! 

Done now it blends in with the fabric. 

Here is the blouse done being sewn! Love! 

Got to include the bad weirdly out of focus shot. 

Yes the cherry blossoms are in bloom here in DC. They are right outside my window. Enjoy! 

I would probably sew the pattern again. I think I would maybe not do the side zipper and take out of the waist darts. I love the retro feel. And had I not had side zipper this would have been a quick and easy sew.



Eddie's Room said...

Wow Lauren,
This is really an amazing blouse. Love the fabric and it looks beautiful on you.
Where did you find the fabric?


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La La Lauren!!! said...

I found the fabric at a fabric store one day. The other was an online place that ran out. It was a challenge to find enough to make the top. It took over a month to get. If I had to fix it, I had no idea where I would get more! But thank you!

Mamma Nene said...

The Sharpie thing is amazing LOL


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