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Monday, April 15, 2013

Sewing for Charity- Wash cloth mitts

Actually this post came up way too early. I have no idea why it posted early. Go figure. Avon walk has not happened!
So today is all about charity. As we speak I am at the Avon Walk here in D.C. I am spending the entire weekend volunteering. Which means I am camping out! yeah! Pink tents! :)

So I thought it would be appropriate to post a charity sewing project I finished with terry cloth. I realized there is not much I can do with green terrry cloth so I made wash mitts for babies for Bundles of Love.

Basically I cut 7 X 5 inches of the fabric. I serged one short end- BTW easier said than done. The cloth stretched and sometimes ate the fabric. I almost needed like a stay stitching before I serged the ends. I tried a lot of options. It was a challenge. Then I took 2 rectangles, put wrong sides together and sewed the remaining edges. I finished with serging. Here are my done mits! I have 33 in total! yay!

I have pink fabric left in my stash but after this challenging project I am just going to send them the fabric and let their sewing volunteers work their magic. Getting closer to my goal of 200.... I have a lot of bibs I can sew with the fabric scraps so this may put me to my goal. Can't wait! I want to sew now!

Hopefully all is well at the Avon Walk! :) I am going to be one tired person. But it is worth it!


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