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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bellydance DVD Review: Rania's Cardio Shimmy

Another Rania workout DVD. And it is all about the shimmy! Yeah! Happy shimmy Sunday!
I was excited about the DVD, b/c I wanted a sweat! Again we had nice video menu. And you can select what you want to do. And even bonus features.

Now the bonus workout is just from her daily quickies. It is the abs one. Now there is a weird group dance intro in the dark. This DVD is a group format but she still voices over all of the workout.
Now there is a basic shimmy combo she teaches you that you will always go to. But then you do small sections. They are all basic easy moves. Which is good if you have bellydance knowledge. This is a good bellydance fitness that incorporates bellydance. I enjoyed the workout, I got a good sweat. Again, you are not going to learn a dance but you will get a workout.

The DVD includes: warm-up, combos, then a cool down. And all the girls in the DVD did AWESOME with smiling the entire workout. They looked so happy and perky, which is what I did not look like during the workout. There were 2 performances. Now I do not care for her style of performance. Sometimes she has very wide eyes (only when she performs) that looks like she is deer in highlights. Sometimes she stares at the ground. She is not much of a stronger performer. But she always has beautiful costumes though. Props to her!

Verdict: keep, I could use a DVD to sweat to and have some fun.


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