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Monday, March 31, 2014

I dislike khaki capris, refashion #24

This is a pretty good statement about how I feel about most khaki capris. First they range in a variety of colors and some of colors just don't work for me at all. I look sickly white. Capris also come in a variety of lengths and sometimes I feel that they can hurt your visual height-meaning make you look shorter than you are actually. So I don't do a lot of capris. But I wound up with this very large pair-now what?
I undid the bottom cuff to find I could almost make myself a pair of pants but decided against it. Instead I decided to convert it to a skirt. I could use a nice khaki skirt for work. I did undo the cuffs and almost had enough fabric to make pants but it was not going to work. Skirt it is.

I undid the waistband. Then I got rid of the J shape in the front and back of the old legs. Sew straight down.
I sewed the waist band back after I took the skirt in. What happens now is it did make the pockets come closer together. I'm fine with that. Then cut and sew and the bottom hem. I got a nice pencil skirt for work. Yay!

Yes and I can pair belts with the skirt too and make it fun. 

Here is the recap. Such an improvement from those capris. Sorry Ann Taylor, but your capris were ugly!


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