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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Leggings- McCalls pattern- 2 pairs of pants!!! OOH!

Yay more sewing! I want more leggings b/c they go well with boots and long tunics and short dresses. But spending $$ on leggings that are see-through sort of anger me. So many that I have found are just a little too sheer for me. And the ones I have found, $50 is ridiculous for pants. I have found some great knit fabric on sale at Hancock and also JoAnn Fabrics. I said I will make them myself.

I found this great pattern by McCalls which further convinced me this was a great idea. I picked it up during the $0.99 sale. Boom
I picked up 2 knits on sale. Grey and black houndstooth and grey and white snowflake. I opted for the scrunched version just because I wanted to make my pants long for my legs. I did not want them to be short. And yes they were long!!

This pattern is so easy to do. Here are my houndstooth

Here are the snowflake which I managed to decently match up and make even. 

They are still a bit big and I need to take them in more. I already did but it looks like I need more. The top of the pants fit well but the legs too loose.

I did a medium based on measurements and the fact that the fabric was not super stretchy. I should have done a small or XS. If I do these again, I would definitely go a smaller size. Love my leggings. Total cost was less than $10 including the pattern. Definitely recommend!


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